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X-Zylo Ultra

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- In the right conditions, can be thrown over 200 yards! - Invented by Mark Forti, a Baylor University student, and refined within the aerospace industry

Play the Ultimate Game of Catch!

The X-Zylo Ultra is an astonishing flying gyroscope that has intrigued scientists and fascinated people of all ages for years with its superb flight characteristics.  The X-Zylo can be thrown over 200 yards - the length of two football fields!

X-zylo unofficially broke the world flying disc distance record when it was thrown 655 feet. NASA scientists, renowned aerospace engineers and academic institutions have met with the makers of the X-zylo, the William Mark Corporation, and studied X-zylo's fascinating flight technology, yet no consensus has been reached on how X-zylo™ actually flies.

Ages 9+.

SKU 3109300