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Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Item Number: 3151217


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Remember getting up from your seat to sharpen your pencil in class? It was always an entertaining change of pace in addition to being a practical and necessary task. This new automated sharpener brings you that same fun and function, but now you dont have to leave your seat - it does all the walking. Simply open this robots chest, insert a pencil and twist. When you remove your freshly sharpened pencil, the robot will walk towards you, or away from you in whatever direction you point it. The sharpening winds the robot up and powers its walk, but if all your pencils are pointy, you can also use the included key to get your robot some exercise and entertain yourself. Please note: hexagonal pencils seem to work best in winding the robot, although it will sharpen pencils of any shape.

SKU 3151217