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Waboba: Ball That Bounces On Water

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Perfect for the Beach and Pool

Perfect for the Beach and Pool

Unlike traditional beach balls, the Waboba is made exclusively for water use. It bounces on top of the water as if it were a hard surface. Like a skipping stone you can catch, the ball also floats on water and is perfect for playing dozens of water games.

The polyurethane and Lycra coating on Waboba makes it perfect for water, but not for use on any other surface.

Waboba is 2 1/4" diameter in size.


Just add water.

You can play Waboba wherever there is water! Try city water fountains, ponds, and puddles when you’re not at the lake, river, beach, or pool. Simply bounce a Waboba ball in between you and a friend and put on a show for everyone.


Throw side-armed to make Waboba balls skip across the water (like skipping rocks).

Throw overhand to make them bounce higher.

Bounce a Waboba off the tip of a wave to make it bounce even higher!


Set up a “pass out”. Two team of two pass Waboba balls in between themselves. Once a team misses a catch or has an incomplete bounce, the other team wins.

Form a circle with more teams of two playing at the same time in a circle with all balls crossing the middle of the circle. Last team playing without interruption or dropping the ball wins.

SKU 3151639

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