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Van de Graff Generator DIY Kit

Item Number: 3153676

Price: $9.95

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- DIY static electricity generator kit

- Hand cranked

- Includes instructions for several experiments

Safely Experiment with Electrostatic Forces

Van de Graaff Generators are a fun and 'shocking' (but perfectly safe) static electricity demonstration that kids and parents love to see! Build your own hand crank version of this classic static generating device with this paper DIY kit. Once assembled the generator measures 10" x 3" x 3".  Includes a 1.5" light bulb that will spark orange when it touches the dome while the generator is cranked. Required scissors and tape not included. *Please note, this product does not generate enough static to raise your hair but it will raise mylar 'hair' you attach to the globe. For adults and kids ages 8+ (with adult supervision).

Base part —1
Side part — 2
Rectangular part — 1
Rod with notch———1
Long rod — 1
Long rod — 1
Wooden handle — 1
Rubber band — 2
Plastic tube — 1
Aluminum tape — 1
Transparent hemisphere — 1
Transparent shield — 1
Neon light — 1
Mirror tape — 5

SKU 3153676

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