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Traveler's Guide to Mars

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An interesting and informative survey of Mars Over 200 stunning photography images The perfect gift for any astronomy buff

Join Dr. Bill Hartmann on a journey to the tertiary red planet for an in-depth survey of its awe-inspiring topographical features and the three eras of its ancient geological history. Through compelling prose and stunning imagery from Mariner 9, Viking, Pathfinder, and the Hubble Space Telescope, youll visit the largest known volcano (Olympus Mons) and the deepest canyon (Valles Marineris) in our solar system as well as the so-called face of Mars, canals of Xanthe, and evidence of ancient alien life. Throughout it all, Dr. Hartmann addresses controversy in the study of Mars with objectivity and fairness, and manages a writing style that is both clear and interesting for laypeople. Its a must-read for any astronomy buff.

By William K. Hartmann
Paperback , 450 pages
Published by Workman Publishing

SKU 3152483