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Thunder Tube

Thunder Tube (Click image to enlarge)

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Is that the sound of a storm approaching? Of aliens communicating? Of too many cheap burritos? No, it's the Thunder Tube!

Your ears will never be the same again!

This ingenious contraption is both captivating and entertaining. It consists of a resonating cylinder with a drum head at one end. Inside, an 18" metal spring is attached to the drum head's center. When the tube is shaken with the spring hanging down - whoa! - a surprisingly realistic (and incredibly loud) sound of thunder results.

Use your free hand to cover the tube's open end and you can produce a scary "wah-wah" sound. Lightly tapping the spring on a hard surface produces a a sound similar to that of a jaw harp. Experiment and come up with your own sounds - your neighbors are going to go berserk!

Measures approximately 7 x 3 inches, requires no batteries.


SKU 3081241

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