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The Lever Paradox

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Defy Archimedes' 2000 Year Old Logic

When discussing levers, Archimedes said: "Equal weights at unequal distances are not at equilibrium." unfortunately, Archimedes never saw our Lever Paradox, where equal weights at unequal distances do balance!

Do you understand levers? You might think you do, but many people are fooled by this clever device. We discovered this while scouring through some very old books on mechanical systems. The Lever Paradox will always balance as long as equal weights are placed on each side, regardless of their distance from the center.

Except, that's not supposed to be possible.

So, why doesn't it apply to our model?

Some folks will know right away just by looking at the photos, but for the rest of us, this model offers a tactile, physical demonstration of the principles involved. The instructions describe experiments to perform, and provide short lessons in leverage, equilibrium, torque and linkages. Math and equations are included, simple enough even for middle-schoolers and most parents too!

Required scissors, glue, ruler and utility knife not included.

This kit, which will take most people less than 2 hours to assemble, measures 9"h x 23" l x 3" d.

SKU 3153000

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