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Temperature Sensitive Liquid Crystal Sheet

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Item Number: 3072375-GRP

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  • Locate Electrical Shorts on Circuit Boards
  • Determine Insulation Void
  • Prices are for single sheets unless otherwise noted

These single 12" x 12" liquid crystal Mylar sheets (0.008" thick) can be cut to size with scissors. 3 to 5 micron sized crystals are dispersed within a polymer matrix to exhibit the total color spectrum with temperature change. Provides visual testing and evaluation.

Fast response time—excellent for low resolution thermal mapping.

Prices are for a single sheet except in the case of the Liquid Crystal Assortment (item# 3061161) which  includes six 6" x 12" liquid crystal sheets, one in each of the temperature ranges listed.


SKU 3072375-GRP

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