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String Thing With Blacklight

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String Thing With Blacklight

As fantastic as the original Amazing String Thing was, The Amazing String Thing with Built-In Blacklight is even more fantastic!

Just like the original, this String Thing shoots a 6 foot loop of nylon string into a magical moving serpentine blacklight-sensitive rainbow that swirls, snakes, gyrates, dances across ceilings, walks along arms, does tricks in the palm of your hands, and floats in mid-air - but this one has three built-in LED UV black lights that illuminate the string wherever you go.

The string has been colored in black light responsive pigments. Perfect for parties or solo for rainy days. The custom display base holds your String Thing when not in use, or will hold it for table top operation so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

A built-in stop mechanism automatically shuts the motor off should a tangle or knot occur. Comes with an AC Adapter jack. Requires four AAA batteries (not included).

SKU 3026800