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Stars of the N.Hemisphere Poster

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• More than 2,400 stars

• First chart to show locations of stars and exoplanets

• Great for your bedroom or classroom

Learn Star Names, Constellations, Asterisms, and Coordinate Systems

This full-color map of the night sky shows more than 2,400 stars that can be seen throughout the world. Featuring star names, constellations, asterisms, and coordinate systems, three separate panels also show the circumpolar, winter and summer constellations.

This is the first-ever star chart that shows the locations of stars and their respective exoplanets. The map includes a legend that shows the magnitudes, temperatures and brightness of the stars.

Poster dimensions: 36” x 24”

• Shows 2,400+ stars seen throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe
• Features: Star Names, Constellations, Asterisms, and Coordinate Systems
• Locations of stars with extrasolar planets are marked.
• Close up views of Pleiades and Hyades star clusters

SKU 3152525

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