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Ultimate Science Project Catapult

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• Demonstrates the storage and conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy through levers

• Optional wheels included

• 10 to 40 feet range depending on configuration, projectile choice, etc

The Ultimate Science Project Experimenter's Catapult Kit!

With 400+ possible configurations and tuning options, this historically accurate catapult provides a hands-on example of basic physics, including mechanical advantage, levers, gravity and energy. This kit is perfect for school science fairs!

No glue required: kit assembles using rubber bands (included). You supply the counterweight material.

Completed frame is 14.5” l x 7” w x 11” h. Arm measures 20.25”. Includes 3/4" and 1" wooden projectiles, rubber bands, counterweight box, leather sling pouch, nylon sling twine, welded steel ring. Instructions feature experiments and historical information. Range is from 10 to 40 feet depending on configuration, projectile choice, etc

For a Master carpenter doing a sloppy job: about 30 minutes. A person with no kit building experience being extremely meticulous: about 1 hour.

This kit provides a real world, hands on example of many aspects of basic physics. It exposes the student to concepts of mechanical advantage, levers, gravity and energy, to name a few. It can demonstrate the storage and conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy through levers, and it is equipped with optional wheels, to demonstrate conservation of momentum. All in all, the concepts of efficiency, power and work can be demonstrated and applied.

This kit is useful for teaching engineering, science, design of experiments, problem solving and Cause/Effect relationships. It was designed to get students to think about physics in a real world, tangible context. Theories can be made and tested; this process, and analyzing why the observed results occur can ultimately lead to other, more advanced concepts in physics, mechanics and mathematics. Carrying out the experiments teaches the scientific method, and contextualizes statistics. Analyzing the data can make use of statistical methods from basic averages to much more advanced topics if desired.

With 18 pages of instructions including assembly of every basic configuration, suggested experiments, tuning guidelines, independent and dependent variables to record and measure, data tables, historical information about trebuchets and catapults, and more, it should be easy to get started with this Ultimate Science Project Kit!

WARNING! This is a representative model of a real ancient military weapon. It contains a fast moving arm that can cause injury if you make contact when firing. Use only under strict adult supervision.

SKU 3152766

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