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Rock-It Sticker Amp - Turns Any Flat Surface into an Audio Speaker

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Item Number: 3200235

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- Turn any object, yes literally ANYTHING into a speaker

- The more hollow the object the better the sound quality you will get

- Size: 1 x 2.5 inches

- Perfect for: Traveling, the office, around the house, parties, and anywhere else you want to ROC

Make Any Surface Rock Your Sound!

No speakers? No problem! This portable amp turns any object into speaker.

From boxes and benches to doors and windows, any flat surface will do. Empty cardboard boxes work great- the bigger the better! Try it out on a glass table, a cereal box or even a garbage dumpster!  It’s… (fill in your own personal phrase) Amazing!  Awesome!!  Incredible!!!

Simply attach the amp with its sticky pads, plug in your iPod or MP3 player (any audio device that has a headphone jack) and suddenly the party has arrived! Includes an audio cable extension cord, USB power cable, and four replacement sticky pads.

SKU 3200235

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