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Rainbow Window Holographic Prism

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Transform sunlight into an explosion of vibrant colors!

  • 4" holographic disk
  • Hang in window where direct sunlight will hit and watch the "rainbow" form across the room
  • Teach refraction through this fun physics demonstration
  • A classic Edmund Scientific product!


Someday youll find it, the rainbow connection.

Hang this 4 holographic disk in a window and marvel at the beauty that spans across the room when its hit by direct sunlight.

Hang in a window and transform sunlight into an explosion of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and violets.

Try it in your bathroom and enjoy a relaxing serenity akin to a pricey spa. Try it on your cars windshield and turn an every day trip to the grocery store into a psychedelic adventure. The possibilities are endless!

Disclaimer: we do not actually recommend driving with this product in your car.

A long time Edmund Scientific classic!

SKU 3081424

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