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Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker (Click image to enlarge)

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Have a ball making ice cream!

Have a ball making ice cream!

Conventional ice cream makers require power cords or batteries and lots of manual labor. This small, spherical device, however, is powered by gentle shaking and can be used anywhere!

Simply fill the ball's chamber with ice and rock salt (approximately 1/2 cup), then add your favorite flavored ingredients to the metal cylinder, affix the lid and shake!

In approximately 20 minutes, you will have about a pint of delicious soft-serve ice cream. The consistency will vary based on the ice, your mix, the outside temperature, shaking frequency, etc. Once the ice cream is to the consistency of your liking, gently scoop it out and Enjoy!

You'll 'have a ball' passing the ball from person to person, as each takes a turn shaking the ice cream maker.

Ideal for camping trips, picnics, boat trips, parties and more, this simple machine makes ice cream as fun to make as it is to eat!

Includes a recipe book and 1 year warranty.


SKU 3081115

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