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Periodic Table Of Beer Styles Poster

Periodic Table Of Beer Styles Poster (Click image to enlarge)

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- Poster measures  24" x 36" (not laminated)

- Think of it as a diploma for all the drinking you did in college!

The Science Behind the 6-Pack

Some call it a check list, others a lunch menu. We call it the Periodic Table of Beer Styles. Any way you pour it, a dude's gotta have goals -  so we're proudly presenting to you this break down of micro-brew science: ABV (alcohol by volume), IBU (international bitterness units), yeast type, style family, final gravity and more. To aid you in your research, we've also listed is a brief description of all the beer styles with commercial examples. Suitable for framing in any dorm, garage or man-cave, this poster measures  24" x 36". 

SKU 3153677

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