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More Power, More Sonic Blast, and More Distance!

  • This "fun gun" blows a harmless mega-ball of air towards any object or person
  • "Shoots" out a flat vortex of air
  • Use to demonstrate a basic scientific principle: Air occupies space
  • Check out the video below!

The MegaZooka Has More Power, More Sonic Blast & More Distance!

From the makers of the original AirZooka comes the all new MegaZooka! The newest "fun gun" that blows a harmless mega-ball of air towards any object or person!

The MegaZooka is SUPER-SIZED and can be used in two ways: the all new single air blast trigger action which allows you to cock your MegaZooka in position while waiting for the air assault to begin or the semi-automatic pull power action! Either way, it really blows 'em away!

The MegaZooka features the new and improved air launch material which adds more sound and pop as the air ball leaves the MegaZooka. It also features a pop-up site, double handle grips for improved aiming and single shot trigger action or rapid fire. Try your luck at indoor target practice, or take aim at your friends with surprising accuracy! Harmless fun for all ages!

The Megazooka actually demonstrates a scientific principle. Although it may not be obvious, air occupies space. When the plastic membrane of the Megazooka is released, the volume decreases and pressure increases. The increase in pressure forces some of the air out of the hole in the front of the gun. The velocity at which the air leaves the Megazooka is inversely proportional to the diameter of the hole; the smaller the hole the greater the velocity of the air. This is similar to the phenomenon when you pinch a garden hose to increase the velocity of the water coming out the end.

The Megazooka is really a very cool-looking vortex generator. The ball of air that shoots out is actually a flat vortex of air, similar to smoke rings blown by a talented cigarette smoker.

You can use the MegaZooka indoors or out; it's a good way to keep people alert at all times! Available in BLACK only.

SKU 3081546

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