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Maple Leaf Corona Discharge Print- Limited Edition

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Item Number: 3153046

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- Signed and numbered by artist John Iovine

- Limited Edition of 300 prints

- This 20" x 16" print features a Kirlian image of a Maple Leaf.

- Suitable for framing in a standard 20 x 16 frame (not included)

Maple Leaf Corona Discharge Photographic Print -Limited Edition

Kirlian photography is a high voltage contact print photography . The print captures the luminous corona discharge between the subject and a high voltage electric field, therefore no external light source is used. The interaction between the object and the high voltage field produces a unique image via the corona discharge.

This high quality 20" x 16" unframed print of a maple leaf is signed and numbered by photographer John Iovine and is limited to 300 prints. Fascinating to look at, the print is perfect for upscale fall decor.

SKU 3153046