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Magnetic Mega Glux

Item Number: 3153274

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- Mega Glux is non-toxic and safe

- Magnetic putty comes randomly as either black or silver

Magnetic Awesomeness - No One Can Withstand its Pull

This mind blowing non-Newtonian super putty is simultaneously a liquid and a solid PLUS, by re-aligning its micro-bits, its been changed it into a mighty magnet as well. Powerful enough to defy gravity, lift paperclips or even repel a piece of... itself. Glux stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, tears like paper and can shatter like ceramic. Use Glux to work out your stress and unlock your creative powers. Magnetic Mega Glux is a 45 grams(1.58 oz.) glob that ships randomly as black or silver. Made in the USA.

For ages 14+.

SKU 3153274

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