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Lumin Disk

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Lumin Disk (Rainbow) (3152964) $34.95
Lumin Disk (Blue) (3081541) $34.95
Lumin Disk (Green) (3152962) $34.95

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  • Dancing streams of light and color!
  • 6" disk
  • Use your fingertips to "guide" the light
  • Check out the video below!

Multi-colored Lightning Storm at your Fingertips!

No, you did not accidently stumble onto the set of a 'B' movie mad scientist movie! This 6” flat disk will dance light and color around until the batteries run out. Touch it with your fingertips and watch the streams of light follow your finger around the disk.

Put it in the dark and try it with our Sculpted Blue Electra Lamp, you’ll love the eerily alluring glow!


SKU 3081541

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