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K'Nex Intro To Structures: Bridges

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K'NEX Intro to Structures: Bridges

Construct, investigate and experiment all 7 types of bridges from step-by-step, color-coded instructions. Building instructions contain real-life examples of the bridge types and key facts.

Develop activities to design, construct, investigate and experiment with bridges built to meet cost constraints. Design activities that encourage students to research and report on historical bridges, bridge building projects and bridge disasters. Excellent materials for bridge building in a science fair project or TSA technology event

Key Concepts Include:

  • Define characteristics and purposes of 7 bridge types
  • Identify key features of each type of bridge
  • Investigate how different bridge types hold their loads
  • Evaluate the strength and stability of each bridge type through experimentation
  • Determine and calculate costs involved with building a bridge
  • The models demonstrate 7 key bridge types: beam, truss, arch, cantilever, suspension, cable-stayed and movable/bascule

The K'NEX Intro to Structures: Bridges set can build 13 different bridge models, one at a time. It includes building instructions with real-life photo and key facts and comes packaged in a strong stackable, plastic storage case with movable dividers and locking lid. Designed for groups of 2-3 students to build and investigate as a team.

  • Contains 207 pieces.
  • Assembled bridges meassure approx. 18"-24" long and up to 12" high.


SKU 3039173

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