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Ivee Flex Interactive Voice Clock

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- Voice responsive talking alarm clock

- Understands 43 commands

- AC adapter included

Interact with Time Itself!

Welcome to our future! Meet Ivee, your personal assistant. She can verbally tell you the time date and temperature - all you have to do is ask! Just greet her with ‘Hello Ivee’ to get started. Ivee understands 43 commands and responds in kind! Ask her to have play your favorite radio station, verbally set and shut off your wake up alarm, set a timer…Ivee is truly amazing. Powered by an included AC adapter, Ivee’s USB port allows for future firmware upgrades. Meassures approx. 8” x 4.5” x3”.


  • 43 voice commands
  • dual alarms
  • 9 minute snooze
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • digital FM radio with 6 presets

Command Features:

You Say...             and ivee....

Hello ivee Listens
Time Tells you the time
Today's Date Tells you today's date
Temperature Tells you the indoor temperature
Alarms Tells you the alarm status
Alarm 1/2 Tells you the alarm status
Set Alarm Allows you to set alarm 1/2
Set Alarm 1/2 Allows you to set alarm 1/2
Alarm Sound Allows you to choose 1 of 6 alarm sounds
Alarm 1/2 Sound Allows you to choose 1 of 6 alarm sounds
Alarm 1/2 On Turns on alarm 1/2
Turn Off the Alarms Turns off alarm 1/2
Turn Off Alarm 1/2 Turns off alarm 1/2
Play Radio Turns on the FM radio
Set Radio Preset Allows you to set 1 of 6 FM presets
Play Sleep Sound Will play your sleep sound of choice
Set Alarm Allows you to set alarm 1/2
Set Sleep Sound Allows you to choose 1 of 6 sleep sounds
Start Timer Turns on the timer
Stop Timer Turns off the timer
Set Timer Allows you to set the timer
Set Timer Sound Allows you to set the timer sound
Night Light Turns the night light on/off
Settings Allows you to change her system settings
Help Offers a help menu
Cancel Cancels

*You are not able to speak over the radio when it is playing. You must press down firmly on top of the LED screen (Snooze / IVR button) to activate listening first. You then may say "turn off the radio" or "radio off."

When the alarm sounds, you may say the following commands during the pauses in the sounds.

Snooze Snoozes 9 minutes
Turn off the Alarm Turns off the Alarm
Turn off Alarm Turns off the Alarm
Alarm Off Turns off the Alarm

Take Control of Your Alarm Clock

Meet ivee Flex, your personal bedside assistant. She can tell you the time, date, and temperature; all you need to do is ask. Her built-in FM radio can be turned on by voice, while her 6 calming sleep sounds were designed to scientifically induce a state of relaxation. Able to understand over 30 simple voice commands, ivee Flex will be your friendly, hands-free companion. Simply say "hello ivee" to get started.

Personal Assistant

Sure, there are other talking alarm clocks out there. ivee, however, is not just an alarm clock. ivee is a personal assistant who helps you ease into your bedtime and morning routines.

Voice Control (VC) Technology

You can ask ivee to set an alarm or even turn off the alarm without ever moving from the comfort of your own bed. She even knows the current temperature all the way from the closet. No more small buttons, and no more programming. Just speak, and ivee listens.

Recognized by the World Blind Union

ivee is fully voice interactive and anyone can operate her. You don't even need to look at her in order for her to understand you. She works so well that she is even recognized by the World Blind Union.


SKU 3152698

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