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Hanging Galileo Thermometer

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 - For indoor or outdoor use

 - 17" long from hook to tip (glass is 14")

Attractive, Functional and Fun!

The Hanging Galileo Thermometer is a uniquely designed decorative accessory suitable for indicating temperature both indoors and out.

Each of the glass temperature spheres inside of the thermometer is precisely weighed and fitted with a metal Fahrenheit temperature medallion. Simply look at the lowest temperature sphere within the group of spheres floating at the top of the thermometer to tell the correct air temperature. The spheres will slowly sink as the temperature rises and float up again when the thermometer cools.

Using the integrated hook at the top of the thermometer, the Galileo Thermometer can be displayed by either suspending it from a sturdy tree limb or hooked onto an eyebolt or similar hook and chain. It is extremely important that you hang your Galileo in a shaded or covered area - long exposure to direct sunlight can adversely affect temperature readings.

The Hanging Galileo Thermometer makes a welcome gift for anyone who enjoys checking out their surroundings! An attractive conversation piece as well as a functional thermometer. Hangs in high-impact, black molded frame and stands 17" tall from hook to tip (glass is 14").



SKU 3081915

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