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Hand Operated Van de Graaf

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Item Number: 3152922

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- Hand operated static electricity generator - Sphere is 20cm in diameter - Great for classroom or science projects

High End Science Fair Project Assembly Kit

This Van de Graaf is a fantastic kit to capture your imagination and curiosity. The kit comes disassembled, the user assembles the kit and then cranks the handle until the sphere arks. It is a great demonstration of turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. A classic for any science fair project, assemble and modify until you can create the biggest spark!

A metal sphere that measures 20cm in diameter surrounds the upper pulley assembly and charge accumulates on the sphere, which is insulated by a plastic column supporting the pulley assembly. The charge builds up until electrical breakdown of the air surrounding the sphere occurs. Sullied with a discharging sphere 10cm in diameter.

SKU 3152922

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