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Glassless Mirror Super Reflective Film Materials

Item Number: 3153042-GRP

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- These products are DROP SHIPPED by the vendor. Please allow 5-10 days for delivery.

- Glassless mirror film measures 40' x 47"

- Instructions included

- Requires use of high powered heat gun (available separately)

- Frames and double-sided acrylic adhesive tape required but not included

Super Reflective Film Roll

Design your own high-quality, unbreakable, ‘ghost-free’ reflective surfaces with this amazing new technology. This super reflective film is available without frames as a roll for optical experimentation or practical application.

This film is produced and pulled in the width and along the length, creating a memory tension, then cooled.  By anchoring this shrink film to a frame and applying heat to activate the film’s “memory tension”, it will return to its original position. This will create a flat, lightweight, distortion free reflective mirror.  By attaching the film to the frame, the mirror is heated and the film shrinks. The tension effect produces a safe, clear and bright mirror surface.

Includes full instructions for assembly onto framework of your own design (frames not included).

Use of a high-powered heat gun (available separately- see below) and double sided acrylic adhesive tape (not included) will be needed  to attach the film to metal frames.

Heat Gun requirements: 1100 degree high temp, 120 volts, 60HZA 1500. An ordinary hair-dryer will not work with this product.


Item# 3153042 - Glassless Super Reflective Film Roll 40' x 47" with Instructions

Item# 3153043 - Drill Master 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun


- Due to its material nature, the Super Reflective Film Roll (item#3153042) is not refundable.

SKU 3153042-GRP