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Gift Card Maze

Gift Card Maze (Click image to enlarge)

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- Perfect way to "wrap" your gift card - Easily open - but only once the maze has been solved!

Make Them Work to Get Their Gift!

Everybody gives gift cards now-a-days, so why not kick your gift up a notch?

Lock their gift card inside this challenging maze and give them two gifts in one! You are guaranteed to get a much different reaction once they open your gift this holiday! Make that new graduate put their degree to the test! Or challenge your favorite niece to a timed race to the cash! This puzzle must be solved for the recipient to get to the gift card.

Simply place a gift card in the maze and lock it in place. The recipient must guide a ball through the maze to solve the puzzle and finally get their (now) well-earned loot.

Gift card is NOT included.

Made in the USA.



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SKU 3200179

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