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Gas Turbine / Turbojet Model

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- This hand-made cut away model allows a user to see the air intake, axial flow, the double stage compressor, fuels supply, exhaust, turbine rotor, and combustion chamber.

- Metal construction- weighs 10 lbs.


A Hand-Made Turbo Jet Replica Model

Completely made and assembled by hand, this section cut Turbo Jet model is constructed of light and strong metal showing air intake, axial flow, double stage compressor, fuel supply, combustion chamber, turbine rotor, jet thrust, and exhaust. The base is metal as well as are all moving mechanicals (although some of the pure aesthetics are plastic). The turbine spins by hand on high precision bearings using the knob on and, trust us, its pretty gratifying to spin!. A fascinating close up view of a spinning turbojet, this executive desk toy would look right at home in any museum and  makes a great educational demonstration for engineering or physics.

The product measures 18" long by 10" high by 7" high and weighs an impressive 10 lbs.

SKU 3153524

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