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9" Galileo Thermometer With Cherry Stand

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- Beautiful and Functional Display

- Thermometer Size: 9"H.

- Stand Size: 12"H.

Beautiful and Functional Display

Monitor the temperature of your surroundings with this attractive desktop sized Galileo thermometer.

The unique instrument uses weighted filled glass spheres floating inside a cylinder to indicate the current temperature. The lowest sphere within the group floating at top of the thermometer will reveal the current air temperature.

The stand for this thermometer is a highly aesthetic accessory because it is made of beautiful brass and cherry compose..

Calculated in Fahrenheit, the range of the five multi-colored spheres is 64-80 degrees. The spheres are made of glass, and the temperature tags are 24-karat gold plated stainless steel.


Thermometer Size: 9"H.

Stand Size: 12"H.




SKU 3151633

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