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Fisher Quad Function Space Pen

Fisher Quad Function Space Pen (Click image to enlarge)

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Fisher Quad Function Space Pen

Used on Manned Space Flights!

A writing utensil that performs under any conditions, the Fisher Quad Function Space Pen was designed to accompany astronauts into space.

In order to work in both the freezing cold and the boiling hot vacuum of space, this pen was designed with a sealed, pressurized ink cartridge. You can use it to write at any angle, even underwater or upside down in a temperature range of -20°F to 250°F.

A sliding float separates the ink from pressurized nitrogen gas; the thixotropic ink is hermetically sealed in a pressurized reservoir, allowing the ink to last three times as long as regular pens. Providing your choice of pencil, black ink, red ink or stylus, this innovative implement changes function when you hold the pen horizontally with the desired function facing up. An eraser is located under the end button.

SKU 3053540

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