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Fairy Berries On A String

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- One string of 12 Fairy Berries - Batteries included

Suspend Your Own Mesmerizing Light Show

Spaced 12" apart, these 3/4” diameter balls produce a glowing tiny light that independently fades on and off slowly. Collectively, they produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is absolutely unique. Wired in a circuit, the included 12 Berries run off a battery pack powered by 3 AA batteries (also included) giving you up to 48 hours of lighting effects. Designed for hanging, Fairy Berries on a String can be strung along porches, hung from drop-ceilings, or woven between tree branches. This fantastic firefly effect is perfect for weddings, table centerpieces, outdoor summer parties, and of course holiday decor.

One string of 12 Fairy Berries is included with batteries. Up to 5 strings can be connected to each other in a chain.

Fairy Berries are also available loose (without the wire connections) in packs of 10 (item# 3200619 - see below).


SKU 3153177

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