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Experimental Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

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World's best entry-level fuel cell car kit Demonstrates electrolysis of water into oxygen and hydrogen Includes solar panel to power electrolysis process Includes experiment guide on CD, as well complete manual Easy to build & operate, steers independently when meeting obstacles Just add water (and 2 AA batteries)

Customized Fuel Cell Construction Kit

Experience the excitement of new fuel cell technology with this customized construction kit. In building this car, you will discover the possibility of using 100% clean fuel to power cars of the future.

Once assembled, the car can steer itself independently and will reverse itself when it hits a barrier. A fully functioning vehicle, the car in this kit demonstrates the power of renewable energy on a small, user-friendly scale.

A manual includes step-by-step instructions for simple assembly. All major car components are included - a fuel cell, a car chassis, a small electric motor, two water and gas storage containers, cables, tubes, a syringe, and more.

All you need to add is water and two AA batteries.

For ages 12+

SKU 3085000

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