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Equilateral Prism With Base

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Equilateral Prism and Holder Prism is 2"x1"

High-tech base allows for positioning of equilateral prism on a window sill or table to produce a brilliant multi-color spectrum display on walls, floor or ceiling from natural sunlight.

To achieve this effect, the prism must be balanced on the peak of the triangle's roof, impossible without our specially designed mount.

Glass equilateral prism is 2" (50mm) long with 1" (25mm) faces. Black plastic mount is 3" L x 1 3/8" W x 1 3/8" H.

More on Optics

Equilateral prisms are often used for wavelength separation applications.

The three sides are of equal length. A light ray is twice refracted, passing through the prism with total deviation denoted by qd in the figure below.

Equilateral Prism Illustration

Deviation is a function of refractive index, and hence wavelength. Angular dispersion Dqd is the difference in deviation for light rays having different wavelengths and varies with prism orientation.

  • Reflection losses are minimized for un-polarized rays traveling parallel to the base of the prism. This condition is called minimum deviation.
  • Minimum deviation occurs when the ray and wavelength angle of incidence at the entrance surface are equal to the angle of emergence (both angles measured with respect to the surface normal).
  • Anti-reflection coatings help reduce polarization at the prism surfaces by increasing total transmittance.

SKU 3038400

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