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Energy Ball

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Energy Ball

Looks like an ordinary ping-pong ball, but the Energy Ball is anything but ordinary. Touch both of the small metal pieces on the weighted bottom of the ball and suddenly it flashes red and generates sound.

Great for demonstrating circuits as well as connectivity. By touching both the metal strips at the same time, you are closing the circuit, resulting in light and sound.

Try including someone else in the fun. Just put your finger on one metal strip while the other person touches the other strip. Now close the circuit by holding hands and watch the ball light up! Pretty neat.

Energy ball in actionThis product also works as a teaching tool to demonstrate "electro-magnetic connection, and the importance of water hydration" (the ball won't work if an individual is dehydrated.) This works well with all age groups and is a great illustrator of how we are all energetically connected. A group of 75 people "hooked up" by finger touch once demonstrated the energy current provided by our Energy Ball.

Ages 7 and up.

SKU 3052930

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