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Emwave Personal Stress Reliever

Emwave Personal Stress Reliever (Click image to enlarge)

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Portable precision technology to calm you

Portable precision technology to calm you!

Relieve stress, increase your energy level, improve mental and emotional clarity, and much more... all with a device that fits in the palm of your hand!

Its compact size makes the Emwave an ideal traveling companion that you can use anytime and anywhere to help reduce your stress levels.

Easy to use, simply place your thumb on the sensor (or attach the ear sensor) and follow the few calming steps to prepare for daily stress triggers like meetings, deadlines, phone calls, travel, family interactions and unexpected changes. After EMwave detects your pulse, a breathing pacer will synchronize to your heart rhythums. Follow the Quick Coherence Technique, included with the Emwave, and you are on your way.


- 4 challenge levels to help you raise your coherence levels.

- Adjustable brightness of the LED displays for easy viewing indoors or outside.

- Adjustable audio feedback gives you another way to focus on your coherence.

- Coherence Coach tutorial for learning and applying the techniques.



- Emwave unit (measures 8.5mm x 55mm x 14mm)

- Internal re-chargeable lithium ion battery and battery charger

- Finger and ear sensor

- Coherence coach CD

- Carry Case


SKU 3127030

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