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Dyna-Flex Pro Gyroscopic Exerciser

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Dyna-Flex Pro Gyroscopic Exerciser

Strength & Rehabilitation Have Never Been So Fun

The Dyna-Flex Pro represents the latest in sports and rehabilitation technology. Activate the Dyna-Flex Pro by tugging on the starter cord or quickly swiping it over a smooth surface. By moving your hand in a simple circular motion, the gyro inside can get to speeds of more than 10,000 RPMs. Once its started, hold on!

In holding onto the Dyna-Flex Pro, the strength and coordination of your hand, wrist and arm is being improved. Using the Dyna-Flex Pro is a great way for golfers, tennis players, hockey players, bowlers, and many other athletes to gain a serious competitive edge. Any athlete whose sport requires a strong grip will benefit from the unique work-out the Dyna-Flex Pro provides. Its also great for those with rehabilitation needs from repetitive motion injuries or arthritis.

Having received rave reviews from everybody including professional musicians, professional athletes and Time Magazine, the Dyna-Flex Pro is an innovative way to work your arm muscles for sport or comfort and as Allan Chochinov of Contraption magazine said, its just plain fun.

**The Dyna-Flex Pro Gyroscopic Exerciser is Speed Meter Compatable.
The Speed Meter is sold separately (#30815-44).


Starting Your Gyro (WMV video)
The Dyna-Flex Pro (WMV video)
The Pro Plus with Speed Meter (WMV video)
Dyna-Flex and Tennis (WMV video)
Dyna-Flex and Hockey (WMV video)

SKU 3081543