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Dual Red-Green Laser

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The DUAL laser pointer with red and green laser wavelength ,this is the best astronomy educational tool you've seen. At night this AAA battery powered green laser pointer can seemingly touch the stars millions of miles away. Compared to a red laser pointer, the green beam remains visible and penetrates the air much farther. Because of its particular spectrum you see the beam and not just the end dot. It is newest shape and also is great gift. Rubber coating is comfortable to use,and compact and durable. Both lasers can be displayed at the same time by activating separate buttons.

Dimensions (L x D): 130 x 14mm
Power: 5mW
Battery Life: 6 hours
Project distance: Green - 25000feet , Red - 1500feet
Dot Size: 18*18mm at 10M
Safety Certificate: Meet FDA and CE

SKU 3151886