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Destruct 3 Wood Game- 'SuperSized' Edition!

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- Mammoth wood board game is 2 feet square!

- Built to last and to hand down from generation to generation

- A physics strategy game enjoyed by anyone who loves knocking things down

The Large Destruct 3 is BIG, OVER-SIZED Destructive Fun!

Our best selling 'build'em up then knock'em down' wood board game is now super-sized at two feet square! Players build the tower, roll the dice to determine the destruction device, then knock it down with the Catapult, the Pendulum, or the Ramp. Destruct 3 is great fun, entertaining and is made from beautiful, sustainable rubber tree wood. Everyone has a 'blast' playing Large Destruct 3 .For  2-4 players. For ages 8+.

Open game board measures a whopping 24" x 24".

**Please note: quantities are limited. We purchased all the remaining stock of the over-sized Destruct directly from the vendor. Both this over-sized version of Destruct and the original smaller size (15" x 15") are no longer produced by the manufacturer.

SKU 3153531

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