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Alpha Particle Spark Detector Kit

Alpha Particle Spark Detector Kit (Click image to enlarge)

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Demonstrate the Detection of Radioactive Particles

The Alpha Particle Spark Detector demonstrates the electronic detection of radioactive alpha particles. By using a plain sheet of paper one can demonstrate the shielding of radioactive particles by an absorber.

This alpha particle spark detector utilizes a 8000 volt negatively-charged electrode and thin diameter copper wires connected to ground that are strung through the air approximately 0.1" above the electrode. When an alpha particle passes in-between the wire and the electrode it ionizes the air between. The high voltage potential between the wires and the electrode causes an avalanche effect that we see as an electrical discharge between the wires and the electrode.This detector is only sensitive to alpha (α) particles, and will not detect beta(β), X-ray or gamma(γ) radiation.

Alpha particle source not included. Customer is responsible for providing their own source material for experimentation.

Site disclaimer: We do not make any warranties (express or implied) about the radiation information provided here for your particular use. All information should be confirmed and verified with local and national government organizations or recognized experts in this field before being used.

SKU 3153044

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