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Curiosity Orb with Lighted Base (Limited Edition)

Item Number: 3152976

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- Special Edition- limited to stock on hand

- 3" diameter artisan glass orb includes engraved base

Limited Edition Tribute to Mars Exploration

NASA launched its Curiosity rover in November 2011 on a mission to Mars. About 8 months later on August 6, 2012 the rover safely landed within 1.5 miles of its target -much to the delight of the individuals who contributed to the mission. It has since set about its planned exploration of the Red Planet to assess its ability to sustain life. In 2013, NASA plans to hand the key back to the remote rover drivers, so to speak, as Curiosity is scheduled to tackle a trek up a mountain and explore an area dubbed “Yellowknife Bay.”

Three inches in diameter, this beautiful artisan glass tribute, limited to 1,000 pieces, comes with an engraved multicolor lighted base.


SKU 3152976

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