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Molecular Cuisine DIY Kit

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- Prove once and for all that Scientists make the best Chefs! - Complete do it yourself kit of incredible culinary design - Amaze all your friends and family with edible masterpieces

The Science of Molecular Gastronomy

Turn your kitchen into a true laboratory while bringing your culinary creativity to the next level with this incredible, edible DIY kit. Impress your guests with spectacular dishes such as mint caviar beads that burst in the mouth, chocolate spaghetti, lemon foam or tzatziki spheres!

This "do it yourself" molecular gastronomy kit includes all you need to experiment at home with the molecular techniques seen on Top Chef and in high-end restaurants, but without the celebrity chef price tag!


This all-encompassing kit includes five pre-measured food additives, five specialized molecular tools as well as a 50-recipe DVD that makes molecular gastronomy easy and accessible to all foodies.

Go on.. play with your food!

Contents: 10 sachets / net 40g - Cold Soluble Gelatin 10 sachets / net 50g - Calcium Lactate 10 sachets / net 20g - Sodium Alginate 10 sachets / net 10g - Xanthan Gum 10 sachets / net 20g - Soy Lecithin 5 pipettes 1 slotted spoon 1 set of measuring spoons 1 syringe 3 silicon tubes 1 DVD of 50 recipes.

Molecular gastronomy can be defined as the fusion of food science and culinary arts. New technologies and natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct any dishes and cocktails, enabling one to serve mojito bubbles and martini bites, as well as balsamic vinegar pearls and chocolate spaghettis.

With the Molecular Gastronomy product line, a word of culinary possibilities is now within your reach!

SKU 3152900

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