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Celestron 44320 Digital Microscope Kit

Item Number: 3127058

Price: $79.95

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  • 4x/10x/40x Objective Lenses
  • Power - 40x to 600x
  • Removable Digital Camera
  • Camera requirements: Windows XP 32 & 64 bit, Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit, Windows 7  32 & 64 bit and most MAC 10.4.9 and later
  • Imaging software included on CD-ROM. Plug and Play - no drivers to install
  • Top and Bottom Adjustable LED Illumination
  • 3 prepared slides, 2 blank slides, tweezers and accessories included.

Exceptionally priced beginner grade compound microscopes feature a removable camera for viewing images on your computer

Use this multi-purpose microscope as a traditional microscope or attach the digital camera to view images on your computer. The included software allows you to save digital images and videos to your computer for use later. Powers up to 600X provide detailed, up-close views. Includes imaging software on CD-ROM and three prepared slides including a rock and a honeybee wing.








  • Biological microscope with powers from 40x to 600x
  • Zoom eyepiece from 10x to 20x
  • 4x, 15x, 30x objective lenses
  • Digital camera
  • Top and bottom LED illumination
  • Imaging software included on CD-ROM
  • 3 prepared slides, 2 blank slides, 1 hole (well) slide, rocks, honeybee wing, shrimp, light diffuser, needle probe, eye dropper and tweezers
  • Weight 22 oz.
  • Plug and Play - no drivers to install


SKU 3127058

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