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Bugbuster (Click image to enlarge)

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- BugBuster captures creepy crawlies safely- for you and the bug!

- Observe then release outdoors

- Battery powered tube is 15" long

Handle Bugs With Care

The BugBuster will safely catch wasps, bees, flies, spiders, and other crawling bugs without you touching or damaging the insect! Simply place the plastic tube to within one inch of the insect, press button to start the BugBuster motor, and the bug should be sucked up at great speed!

After you have captured your target, turn the BugBuster upright and replace the cover at the end of the tube. Transport the bug as necessary or observe the little creature on the spot. When you are ready to let the bug go, just remove the cap to set it free. Invert the tube near the ground for the crawling insects or release at arm's length for the flying ones!

The BugBuster is especially helpful for the occasional bee or wasp, making it easy to capture. It keeps the insects safe and keeps you out of harm's way! The BugBuster is lightweight and approximately 15" in length when the tube is attached. Requires 9V battery (not included.)


SKU 3038474

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