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Bottle Rocket Launcher

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Turn an ordinary soda bottle into a flying object!

Use this sturdy Bottle Rocket Launcher to turn ordinary soda bottles into flying objects!

With this solid, durable metal launcher equipped with a simple triggering mechanism, and using an ordinary bicycle pump, you can turn almost any plastic soda bottle into a rocket with water as the propellant. Measure rocket altitude with the included paper astrolabe, and even loft a full-size soccer ball with this investigation of the conservation of action and reaction momenta.

The launcher stakes must be pushed into the ground to provide stability .

With this bottle rocket kit, you gain an understanding of important physics concepts, while having fun at the same time!

Set up different experiments by varying the amount of water in the bottle to demonstrate laws of motion, force, and energy. Bottle Rockets are also great for studying flight.

This item does not come with a base. 


SKU 3109700

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