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Apollo Mission Trajectory Poster

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- Printed in four colors on 80 lb. stock - Measures 12 H x 36 W - Ships rolled in a protective tube

Trace the Path that Led Us to One of Mankind's Greatest Achievements

Prepared by the NASA Office of Manned Space Flight in May of 1967, this poster shows the flight path that took Apollo astronauts to the moon and back.  It served as a blueprint for the first lunar landing in July of 1969.  Orbital paths indicate the positions of the Saturn V, the Command Service Module, and Lunar Excursion Model at each critical stage of the mission.  Printed in four colors on 80 lb. stock, this impressive poster also provides explanations for several NASA acronyms.

Measures 12” H x 36” W. Ships rolled in a protective tube.

SKU 3153338

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