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Elegant Aliforms Blue Morpho - (Morpho Hyacinghus)

Elegant Aliforms Blue Morpho - (Morpho Hyacinghus) (Click image to enlarge)

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Elegant Aliforms Blue Morpho - (Morpho Hyacinghus)

Bring a touch of nature indoors and enjoy the lifelike motion of your very own Blue Morpho

Aliform - having wings or wing like extensions.

This elegant aliform of the Blue Morpho can be found naturally in Central America, from Mexico to Colombia. They are most active during the daytime, and have a reputation for being difficult to catch. Simply mount this Elegant Aliform to any surface by using the wire legs. After plugging the transformer into the wall, connect to the plug on the butterfly and watch as your new butterfly moves its wings.

This butterfly is made from a metallic muscle and should last for years. The Elegant Aliform is designed for indoor use only. Bring the great outdoors into your indoor garden today and relax as you observe the wonders of nature!

SKU 3038468

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