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Airglider 60

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Airglider 60

Introducing a completely new concept in model airplanes.

Visually appealing, the Airglider 60 is much more stable than comparable wood or foam airplanes. The sail tension is made of tear-resistant Spinnaker cloth and the frame is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The Airglider 60 offers a great potential for experiments, for example, you can fly a curve by turning the wing; and the center of gravity can be altered by adding or removing ballast.

The Airglider 60 also provides FUN! Try out different launch methods -learn how to execute "The Ground Launch" - it's spectacular and dynamic. Practice "The Sidearm Launch", a sporty launch technique that you can use to catapult the Airglider 60 into the air. Have fun flying the Airglider 60 and create your own style and method of launching!

Tip: Airgliders fly best in no wind or very light wind

SKU 3007376