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Advanced Labware Science Fair Set (61 Pieces)

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Kit contains "Great Science Experiments" (120 pg source of safe experiments), lab apron, 3 beakers, porcelain evaporating dish, Ehrlenmeyer flask, plastic funnel, safety goggles, graduated cylinders, filtering paper, dropping pipet, spatula, sponge, 3 rubber stoppers, 6 test tubes, test tube rack, test tube brush, test tube holder thistle tube, tongs, pipestern triangle, tripod and wire gauze square.

It also includes the book Chemistry the Easy Way, 200 g spring balance, battery jar, 2 wide mouth 8 oz. bottles, burette clamp, clamp holder, petri dish, boiling flask, forceps, funnel thistle tube, stirring rod, 1 lb rubber stoppers, wood splints, test paper, thermometer, rubber tubing ringstand, wash bottle, shutoff clamp, graduated cylinder, scoop and spot plates.

SKU 3081471

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