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Watts Up! Our Tesla Coil Generates Up To 50000 Volts Of Electricity!

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- Arcs to 30mm, illustrate its maximum output of 50,000 volts

- Coil 115V/60Hz

-11" High Without Attachments


Transmit electricity without wires, watch light bulbs glow in your hand, plus study the ionization of gases and the behavior of insulators and conductors with our Tesla coil!.

This powerful, compact apparatus is a completely safe source of high frequency high voltage electricity. Its design includes a vibrator; two high voltage capacitors; cord and plug; primary coil; secondary coil with 400 turns of wire; and high impact resistance plastic housing that protects you from the spark gap. 

  • Included accessories: lamp socket; radiating plates, 2 sizes; neon bulb; discharge electrode; plastic and copper wire; instructions with 19 experiments.
  • Arcs to 30mm, illustrate its maximum output of 50,000 volts.
  • 100 volts operation.
  • Fully assembled

SKU 3070301

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