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3 Speed with Reverse Transmission Model

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Item Number: 3153530

Price: $149.95

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- This hand-cranked model arrives completely assembled

- User can take apart if they wish

- Product is 7" X 4" X 7" inches (this includes the gear handle sticking up)


Curious to See What the Internal Workings of Your Hot Rod Transmission Do?

This 3-speed model with reverse transmission is hand-cranked and is a unique way to see a transmission in action.  The model is linear shift (so for the hot rod guys, slam and go!).  The product shows the different gear ratios, their affect on torque and the mechanisms to reverse the drive direction when in reverse. Take it from us, it's really pretty cool to see how a gear box takes us from going forward to going back word. This model arrives to you completely assembled, however it can be taken apart and reassembled if you are curious...

Measuring 7" x 4" x 4", this is a beautiful looking display piece perfect for the study of any engineer or physics teacher.

SKU 3153530

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