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Physics Fun

  1. The Chaos Tower

    The Chaos Tower

    • Fun Physics! Includes web based learning activities
    • Winner of Parent's Choice, Teacher's Choice, and Toy-of-the-Year Awards
    • Create your own Rube Goldberg style "machine"
    • Assemble a frame of your choice and adorn it with chutes, slides, funnels, name it
    • The new Chaos motor driven chain lifts a ball to the top of your construction and off it goes through whatever course(s) you have set up
    • The tower has a max height of 78" and a whopping 602 pieces! Everything you need (except batteries) is included
    • CWIST For It!
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  2. da Vinci Machines Kit

    da Vinci Machines Kit

    - Recreate machines emulating da Vinci's design with this unique construction set - Kit includes 250 pieces for you to assemble 10 different models - Recommended for ages 9 and above Learn More
  3. Greek and Roman Ballista

    Greek and Roman Ballista

    - High quality, naturally white hardwood. - Can be stained any color - Precision cut by computer - Authentic trigger and winch mechanism - True skein torsion power- not a wimpy spring - Actual range from 20 to 40 feet or more! Learn More
  4. Dynamic Roller Coasters (6 in 1)

    Dynamic Roller Coasters (6 in 1)


    Observe and learn first hand the laws of:

    - Inertia of mass

    - Acceleration

    - Centrifugal force

    - Conservation of Energy

    - Linear Momentum and Motion



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  5. Dynamic XL Roller Coasters (8 in 1)

    Dynamic XL Roller Coasters (8 in 1)

    - Sturdy, high-quality construction set made in Germany - Clear instructions teach the physics principles behind the construction - 8 coaster variations can be built with the included 1,000 pieces Learn More
  6. The World Famous Floating Arm Trebuchet

    The World Famous Floating Arm Trebuchet

    • Hurl a golf ball up to 250 feet!
    • Kit includes: Pre-cut/drilled pieces and detailed instructions
    • Spark the interest of real world science and engineering (perhaps a bit of history too)
    • Test your machine's strength and efficiency with the included equations and tips as you watch classical mechanics in action
    • You provide the counter weights
    • Check out the PDF below to learn more about the kit and what you may need
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  7. Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet Kit

    Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet Kit

    • Warwolf trebuchet model hurls its projectiles 40 to 60 feet (at 1/20 scale, that's the equivalent of 800 to 1200 feet for a life-sized trebuchet) • Projectiles (included) are scaled properly to represent 100 lb. and 350 lb. missiles Learn More
  8. K'Nex® Exploring Machines Set

    K'Nex® Exploring Machines Set

    K'NEX® Exploring Machines Set Learn More

Grid List

8 Item(s)