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  1. Magnifiers Value Pack

    Magnifiers Value Pack

    - 3 convenient magnifiers for home, office and travel Learn More
  2. Bugloupe


    Insects Like You've Never Seen Learn More
  3. 3.5" 2x Magnifier
  4. Large Surplus Fresnel

    Large Surplus Fresnel

    Lens, Large Fresnel, 11" Square Surplus Learn More
  5. Linen Tester Magnifiers

    Linen Tester Magnifiers

    Magnifier, Linen Tester, 8X Glass DCX Lens, Scales Marked On Base For Easy Measurement Learn More
  6. Credit Card Size Fresnel Lens Magnifier

    Credit Card Size Fresnel Lens Magnifier

    Magnifier, Fresnel Lens, 3X Credit Card Size, w/Case 3 1/4"x 2", 0.4mm Thick Learn More

Grid List

6 Item(s)